All World Gayatri Pariwar


Why Spirituality?

The method of refining the inner consciousness is called yoga and the devout endeavour that can accomplish this transformation to the superior state is called tapa. One may call yoga “principle” and tapa “conduct”. Together they form the science of spirituality. In other worlds, spirituality is the science of refining the inner self to the level of divine self.

Considering the fact that the other constructive approaches (including political, economical, scientific, psychological) have not been successful to solve human problems,  because they have been focussed only on the materialistic domain of life, it seems imperative that the mentality and character of the people also needs to be improved for viable solutions to the all round crises faced by the world today. Therefore spirituality,  along with the ongoing efforts in various fields is most promising. It is with its help that the objective of a bright future and the beginning of a golden era can be achieved.