All World Gayatri Pariwar


Spiritual Word of the day

Dhriti (Patience)
Man cannot live without activity. The development of an individual, the maintenance of a family, social service, etc. is dependent on action. If man had not been active, he would not have progressed. There would have been no buildings, no crop cultivation; no distinct manmade edifice of human civilisation and culture. Whatever we see today has been made possible due to human activity.

Any work undertaken can only be accomplished with patience. Before beginning a work, a patient person thinks about its positive and negative results, and thus chooses the right method to execute it. An impatient person, on the contrary, neither thinks about the consequences of his actions nor of its worthiness. He acts haphazardly, without due planning, and so his actions remain infructuous. For him, it becomes a wasteful exercise.

Impatience is a very bad habit. There is lack of seriousness in an impatient person, due to which he is ignored, condemned and sneered at in the society. His mind remains unstable and hence he cannot think methodically on any subject. He also cannot make wide choices. Due to disorganisation, indecisiveness and incapability, he suffers constant failure and becomes miserable. A person who is patient performs all his actions wisely, with full concentration and zeal. He performs his duties without worrying about results. Hence the success or failure of his efforts does not bother him. Such persons achieve stupendous success and attain peace and happiness in life.