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Inspiring Stories from Akhand Jyoti

Truthfulness is considered a sign of nobility. A match between word and deed is indeed a virtue, and such qualities should be routinely practiced in daily activities. However it is not falsehood to keep quiet about matters of the past whose uncovering is likely to raise a storm. Very often silence amounts to truthfulness in such circumstances.
The story goes that a cow escaped from the clutches of a butcher and was grazing by the side of the river behind an ‘ashram’. The butcher, in her pursuit came in front of the ashram and inquired from the sage about the cow’s whereabouts. The sage replied philosophically, “That which has seen speaks not, that which speaks has seen not.” He was, of course, referring to the difference between the faculties of sight (eyes) and the speech (tongue). The butcher could not follow this symbolic language and returned disappointed. The cow was thus saved by this enigmatic truth thus prevented a big tragedy.