All World Gayatri Pariwar



What is Culture?

Culture in true sense is like a conscious and radiant aura of enlivened values and progressive principles that have been illuminating our lives since the advent of Nature. Our history, civilisation, ethics, philosophy, religion, literature, science, art, etc are its components and reflections. So vast are the folds of culture that it covers almost every horizon of our existence. 

. The Vedic term for culture is sanskrati, which originates from the word sa®sk³ra.6 Sa®sk³ra in a linguistic sense implies the process of refinement and purification. Thus, sanskrati means the assimilated treasure of the methods that: (1) purify and uplift the human life; (2) teach us the art of living happily with others, the etiquettes of civilization and the ethics of social benevolence; or (3) encompass those values and practices which effectuate refinement and happy progress of the internal and external aspects of peopleā€™s life and instil sansk³ras in their conduct along with natural enlightenment and strengthening of their mental and physical talents.